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    Farymann Diesel Engines GmbH is a specialist in the development, production and sale of small diesel engines for special applications. The innovative power of a company can be seen from the consistent implementation of ideas. Technological market trends and customer-specific requirements constitute the challenges for our company.


    Our customers live by the satisfaction of their end-user. They demand high quality from our products, backed up by optimum functionality, competitive prices even in international comparison and outstanding service at all levels. Close proximity to our customers is a paramount consideration.


    Our suppliers are our partners. Only in co-operation with them can we fulfil both our requirements and those of our customers with regard to quality and continual further development of our products.

    Employees, organisation and management

    We want personal responsibility from our employees, whose development possibilities are not restricted in a largely decentralised organisation. Our management is based on dialogue and mutual information. Our employees regard their colleagues as customers; their job is to make their customers’ work easier. This requires the promotion of self-initiative, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking. The company culture allows all employees to shape the future of the company, and therefore enjoy their work.


    For all our products and services, continual quality improvement is the essential requirement for success.
    Our quality considerations, backed up by a lively spirit of innovation, form the permanent driving force behind our actions.

    Company success

    Profit is the expression of our successful work and ensures the further development of the company. Farymann Diesel Engines GmbH considers it an essential task to provide the necessary support in the form of further training at the specialist level and in the area of personal development. The qualifications of employees are continually kept up to current requirements by internal and external further training.


    Confidence in the future is an essential requirement for innovation and further development. Quality of life, and preservation of the environment and resources are becoming increasingly important. We are facing this challenge in the further development of our products and services.

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